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A concert of Stefan "Eddie" Arndt-Himmelsbach and Sarah-Jane Himmelsbach is a journey to the land of music. Since 1997 they have been known as TIR-AN-CHEOIL and more than 700 times onstage they have proved that it takes no more than a voice and a violin to take you to the romantic and temperamentful atmosphere of the beautiful Emerald Isle. After two successful years, and one year after the recording of their first CD "Greenish" Eddie and Sarah-Jane decided to change the name and continue their journey as BARDIC.

Bringing songs and tunes from Irland and Scotland closer to their audience is their main objektive. More and more the own compositions find a place in their reportoire. Eddie's smokey, powerful voice which gives the songs a uniquely, earthbound character, and Sarah-Jane's virtuosly played tunes, which makes her Irish origin obvious, are an incomparable combination. Their originality is underlined by the modern arrangements of their own
compositions and their contemporary versions of less known traditionals. During their program they use a variety of instruments in different combinations. Voice and violin are accompanied by guitar, bodhran, tin - and low whistle, so that a variety of entertainment is guarantieed from beginning to end.

The aura, the skill and power with which both of them play their music is amazing : It seems as if a complete band is playing ! , has been the reaction of a number of surprised promotors when they saw BARDIC on stage. They are one of the busiest groups in the regional folk scene, and this is not without reason. In a very short time they have made a name for themselves, not only with their originality in playing Irish music, but also with their incomparable charm. Audiences in Germany, the Netherlands and Irland have experienced their magical fascination.